New Exhaust

  • admin

    Does anyone know a good custom exhaust workshop near london/essex??

    Ive had a quote from of £400 + vat

    Looking for a bit cheaper!!


  • That for cat back? You still running stock manifold/downpipe?

  • admin

    It is for a de-cat pipe and back,

    Im going to have the turbo exhaust headers.


  • nice :D got all you turbo bits? Can't just blank off the turbo/wastegate holes can you?! :?

  • admin

    lol, you can blank off the wastegate hole, but for the turbo im having a pipe put in place until all is ready :)


  • ahh logic prevails! Probably best not blocking the exhaust, lol was thinking not all exhaust goes thru turbo pipes deedeedee! You modded your x member yet? or is it the tranny brace that gets in the way? This could be me in summer ;) See how much the ze impresses me first…

    going for 5 psi? damn zes and their high compression :x

  • admin

    Well its all in the planning stage atm!

    I am getting a x-member from a breakers, so im gona mod that one - gives me a good one if i screw it up lol :)

    Yeah gona run 5psi when the time comes :D

    Im sure you will be happy with the ZE, ive nearly had mine a year now.. time to move on :twisted:

    But for now, im getting quotes… then all I need is some money :(


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