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  • Well here's my favourite pic of mine. At the moment it's completely stock (with exception of my hardwired phone charger but I don't think that's anything to brag about!)
    Though this pic really shows how sexy the mx can be "as-is".

    I don't want to really make it extreme but here's a list of what I want to do to make it just "nice".

    Headlight (drivers side needs interior respraying)
    Rear bumper (Needs re-laquering)
    GPS (get rid of those nasty tape holders under the stereo and mount a bluetooth GPS receiver behind smoked perspex)
    Side repeaters (remove the orange filters and replace bulbs with cromed versions)
    Fogs (remove nasty yellow filters)
    Possibly single coat respray just to cover chips, scratches etc.
    Possibly re-upholster seats or modify them with new panels.
    Maybe change alloys

  • looks lurrrrrvely!!!

    Although you have to keep the yellow filters in the fog lights!!!!!!

    Yellow fogs are soooo cool!!!

  • hmmm, I'll bare that in mind but I'm still thinking about it. Thing is that whites (I think) look good but rather boy racer-ish if you know what I mean. Lookin forwards to warmer weekends so I can actually do things to it (in a non-sexual way that is!)

  • Well as I'm sure some of you are aware my mx3 has died thanks to some muppet in a focus ST that doesn't know where the breaks are. Still haven't got a penny out of the insurance company (three months later) but I'm not here to rant…

    Just thought I'd introduce you all to my new toy.... Well my dad's old toy really:

    I must say it's not nearly as much fun an my old 3 was (May she rest in peace) but that's more than likely because it's an auto.

    I have been thinking about what I really want recently. I've been through many stages….

    New MX-3 (can't find one as nice as my old one)
    FTO (purely for the 200bhp from a 2litre V6. Cannot afford insurance though)
    Another (manual) MX-6. (I think I might look for a j-spec since this is probably the easiest way to get KL-ZE power without heavily modding a car.)

    So, if anyone might happen to know where I can get a nice J-spec 6 in manual (and preferably silver since they're gorgeous in silver) then please let me know.

    I will still be hanging around here but my visits may become less regular from now on so if daryl feels he wants to remove my admin status then I won't be offended.

  • My driveway is now looking pretty smart and with the ZE power I've been hankering for a long time!

    Thought you might like to see….

    P.S. Anyone want to buy the silver one?

    look here.

  • Holy thread resurrection Batman, 4 posts in the last 2 years lol

    Love the jspec mate, looks tasty

  • Are those fog lamps on a black MX-6 adjustable? Do they turn when you turn the steering wheel? They look like that type of headlights..

  • They are indeed steerable fogs, which match the steerable rear wheels very nicely!

    Sorry about the very slow thread progress, I only update it when there's an update and that aint often!


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