• Im thinking of buying a set of alloys for my MX3 what size rims would you recommend?

  • if your standard ride height and no body kit etc
    17z will fit and look tidy
    still preferable to drop the thin too
    ive got 18z on mine, lowered 45mm, bodykitted etc etc etc
    but if i keep it plan for 19z, or 20z which will fit with no arch work :P
    so the choice is urs realy

  • depends what's most important, style or speed!

    If I was getting new ones, I'd get 16"s as a comprimise. 16"s are a bit limited in choice I find but thats what I'd go for to keep the rotating mass down and handling tight. Though if you shop for super lightweight rims that would counteract the size/weight increase to some extent.

    I have 17" konig hurrys on one mx and 18" konig unknowns on my project mx. 18"s fill the arches nicely but handling isn't as nice and obviously slower to accelerate. My 17"s still look sweet, though noticeably slower than the 15"s that came with it. You probably know all this but that's my thoughts :P

  • Was looking at either some 18 or 19s but was worried about loss of acceleration. I think i might go for some 17s. Any way got a while to think about it as i need to repair rear left wing as it took a dent and being quoted about £400 to repair grrrr.

  • hit and run? Maybe cheaper to get a scrapyard wing? Bit of a PITA to install though.

  • Yer hit and run, Was quoted £80 for one from scrappy, but when spoke to bodyshop they said dont do because the panel is welded on and the only way to get it off is to rip it off. Not worth going through insurance as i have a £250 excess being only 21 and dont really wanna lose my no claims.

  • wtf :evil:
    clearly your garage is talkin siht
    dnt mean 2 get angry
    fitted lambos 2 my mazda meaning the wins came on an off about 100 times
    mine certainly were not weled
    3 bolts top
    one inner wing
    two below
    and one in the enine bay

  • Time for me to call this bodyshop back I think and tell them what for!! Time to call the scrappy again. Any Ideas where i could get a new rear wing from cos dont wanna buy a rusted one.

  • are those not the front wings you had off for lambo conversion? :?

    Rear wing looks trickier…


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