Info needed; 1.5l/1.6l Distributor

  • Hi guys,
    I'v a Auto Autozam az3 1.5l dohc with a blown distributor, mechanic on a breakdown assist, said no bother but it could run to €600, so i told
    him to stick it and i'll sort it myself.

    Is there any difference between the distributor for the 1.5l dohc
    and a 1.6l ? or is there any upgrades?
    they seem to be a bit of a weak point anyone any experience with them?

    thanks in advance,

  • Solution found.(kind of)
    the distributor off the 1.5l dohc is not the same as the 1.6l
    took mine off last night and searched the numbers on the net
    and came up with 90-94 mazda 323 1.8l dohc.
    I rang mazda, it would cost €448 inc vat and wouldn't be here til mid february
    Anyone know of a scrapped 1.5l dohc az-3 with a useable
    distributor? (Ireland)

  • try its the 323 forums bound to be one on there


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