Engine Mount Filling

  • When upgrading your engine many people recommend filling the engine mounts as a cheap mod to avoid extortionate aftermarket engine mounts.

    Has anyone in the UK done this? If so what did you use? Due to import/export regulations I have yet to source someone who will ship liquid urethane.

    The best thing I've found is Liquid Nails Polyurethane. It is rated at a relatively soft >60 durometer. The MXers across the atlantic reckon 80 or 90 is the way to go. But I figure this would be better than nothing?

    Any thoughts anyone? :) :idea:

  • I have never filled my mounts but a new company in the US makes front and rear mounts for the v6 in 3 different durometers… I've bought these for my klze mx-3 and they are amazing!

    once again I do not know about shipping to the UK...



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