• hello every1 aint been on here in ages! just woundering how much do you all think it'd cost for a bodykit for my mx3 i havent got an idea of what to have on it yet, i was just woundering on how much itd cost to do it roughly befor i decided to do it or not, i know it'l vary for each bumoer etc…. n e ideas?


  • Your probably be looking at about £800 just for the kit… although fitting and spraying would probably cost about the same again on top...

    Before you buy the kit get some qoutes from local bodyshops so you dont have any nasty suprises!

  • k thx ill ask around as theres a few places round here that'l do it :)

  • wow 800 euro's or pounds? sorry me dont know! ahah Mine only costed $450 CAD shipped, if you put the kit on ureself it will cost you much less! Thats IF you know how!

  • there are some kits around for 300 - 400 mark Venodesign with 30 delivered last time i was looking around.

  • lambo, to get my kit inported to the UK from Canada, through customs and including the kit itself cost me just shy of a grand…

    Only thing with that is people are often put off with the risk... but luckily it payed off for me as it was the first drift kit in the uk!

    Not sure about prices from the EU, but i know you dont have to pay to get it through customs...


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