Very Strange problem–head gasket????????

  • Hi all, having a bit of a nightmare with the new mx3

    I have very recently bought a nice 1995 mazda mx2 1.8 v6. It is to be my fiancees car and she loves it to bits.Heres what has gone wrong so far..

    Car lost coolant over a period of about a week or so- coolant was topped up and the water pump was suspected.

    Car overheated and was switched off straight away- Water pump was changed and the old one found to be well and truly knackered.

    Car was driven approximately 130 miles yesterday and no problems.

    End of work today the car was started and began to hunt all over the shop, the temperature gauge remained on cold and then suddenly went to half. On inspection of the engine bay it was found that the coolant expansion tank was pretty much full up and the pipe that comes from the filler cap was squashed flat!!, the coolant cap was very hard to remove as it was literally being sucked on to the cap fitting!!

    Anyway- the breakdown man came along and ummmeddd and aarrrrrrddd and said he though the headgasket/s were to blame….
    Exhaust emissions were pretty normal so no nice thick white smoke

    Apart from the above the car starts fine and did idle fine, it also drove very nicely...

    Only thing i can think of is somthing like the thermostat being stuck shut or some other blockage preventing circulation of the coolant.

    Has anyone got any views on this problem as i have never seen this before

    Any help would be appreciated


  • when you filled the water up did you take the cap of the left hand side of the engine to let air out? other than that id suspect the thermostat…id rather change that than the headgasket :?

  • sounds like ^^^^

  • I didn't actually fill it with coolant but i suspect the bloke that did did not remove the cap, whats it look like and where is it exactly?

    Gonna remove the thermostat at the weekend and change it so thats gonna get done.

    Other thing that has appeared is a humming from the pullies around where the water pump has been fitted….is it possible to fit the pump wrong and if so could that cause the probs i am having?


  • its on the left hand side of the engine as you look from the front, around the middle, can't miss it its shiny and metal :wink:

    if the coolant dropped so low then air would have entered the system



  • Quick update on this..changed the coolant and let it run for a while with the cap off, lots of air escaped, popped the cap back on and all was well.

    Drove it for a while and then the power steering belt shredded itself. bought a new one started it and it drove fine. Started it later and there was a horrible squeel and then lots of smoke as the belt melted/shredded itself.

    I am hoping its the idler pulley thats seized but if not then i need to get a new power steering pump,.

    This car is on its last chance!! gonna get me a toyota instead!

  • sorry for the bad new on that one fella. let us knows what happens either way.

    as if you decide to get something else

    im sure you would most prob make lots of pennys from all of us here if you decide to strip down :oops:

    just thinking ahead


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