New setup for everyday use

  • I want some judgement on my plans…
    This is my current ( and lame ) setup:

    Cheap tires ( 205/55 R15 ) ; Stock suspension ; TSW rims ; Stock headers
    Straight exhaust pipe ( cat off ) ; Custom muffler ; Prototype CAI ( sucks hot air ... )
    MazdaSpeed groundwire kit ; Stock sparkplugs ; Stock spark wires

    I started off with a slow car ( it still is :D ) with only 120bhp full stock
    With my changes and a better use of the car, the numbers raised: 136bhp

    I am planning this setup for soon, tell me your judment about this , and what should i expect ?

    Toyo Proxes tires ( 215/45 R16 ) ; Lejofors springs ; KYB shocks ; OZ Ultraleggera rims
    OBX headers ; Straight exhaust pipe ( cat off ) ; HKS muffler ; RocSpeed CAI
    MazdaSpeed groundwire kit ; Denso Iridium Sparkplugs ; Kerr Nelson K1 10mm spark wire
    Bored out intake manifold ; Full remapped ECU

    maybe 150bhp ?
    what do you guys think ??

  • I think they make 130BHP standard :P

  • there are a lot of talk about that …

    The mx3 V6 have these numbers:
    Some say they have 128 bhp
    Some say they have 130 bhp
    Some say they have 136 bhp
    Some even say they have 148 bhp ( K8ZE )

    My car made 114bhp full stock and one year stopped in the car shop ...
    So ... :roll:

  • hmm there was a trend for a while to lie about figures like bhp 0-60 etc. Also people often confuse or intentionally ignore the difference between at the flywheel and at the wheels, which leads to erratic stats for the same setup.

  • hi
    i think i read somewhere bhp depends on where the cars from eg. u.,s u.k or japan. could have been wikipedia they have the specs anyway

  • yea pretty sure its the jap spec were 136

  • Marco, i have 136 at the flywheel , and 108 at the wheels :)


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