Car broke down neeeeeed advice plzzz

  • sarted her up 2day, xmas of all days
    ran fine
    got out of drive then she cut out
    tried startin her an nuffin
    n e ideas for common faults or if this as appnd b4 for some of u
    cheers guys

  • got fuel? (sorry but has to be asked :P)
    got spark? (could be a disty prob - pull out a plug a bit and look down the hole for spark)
    any loose hoses?
    get your fault codes - BIG HELP :)

  • I had this problem, turned out to be a loose vaccum hose. The one that attaches to the front cam cover had worked loose.

    Hope its a fault as simple as the one I had!!!!!!!

  • what did it sound like when it was turning over? have you been abusing it lately? did you try pressing the accelerator abit when you turned it over? i know you aint meant to do it on an injection engine, but if it starts it'll give you more of a clue as to whats wrong with it, when was the cambelt last changed?

  • belt was changed about 5000 miles ago
    and i give her a thrash now an then
    was spluttering when turning over for a bit
    then just turned over afterwards, not a hint of anything
    i rekn fuel pump, dunno tho

  • did it kind of start then die straight away? does sound to me like the fuel pump, or the wiring, look under the rear seats, you'll see the fuel pump wiring, see if its melted…mine did :cry: if it appears ok connect a live direct to the thick red/black wire, you should hear the pump whining away, then try starting it

  • thers no whine wen u turn the key
    batterys nearly flat so cracks wen you go to turn her over
    does the pump onli engage when u start or wen u just turn the ignition??

  • oh an died just after i got out of my drive way
    been running about 1 min MAX

  • the pump will engage when you turn the ignition on to pressurise the fuel pipes to a specific pressure, so will come on and go off every so often and will do this the whole time, if you do as i say above temporarily you'll soon know if its the pump or something else

    why is the battery flat? and you mean the starter selonoid just clicks?

  • yes, or clicks lol
    and the batterys flat because im 19 an i think that if i carry on trying to start it
    it will start :roll:

  • try what i said and it might, theres no point in sitting in front of your computer all day hoping someone has a magic answer :P

  • you managed to jump start her since.

  • cheekey bastid lol :P
    onil reason ive been on so much is have been workin 9am-11pm for the past 3 days an have a forth to do tomorrow
    then will crack on wit tryin what i said on monday
    and no valey, havnt had the time lol


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