High revs and stalling problem

  • hi.
    i have a bit of a problem…. the car has cut out when ideling a few times this week and sometimes it judders when driving. if i coast down the road when the juddering starts, the revs go to 2000 and then when i push the clutch in the revs drop to the propper rpm. this means the car still pulls when im off the gas.

    any ideas????

  • had same type of problem a few months ago. get above 2000 revs after dropping clutch the problem looks like its gone. first thing i did was check plugs as i was told the fireing order might be out o wrong. turns out just new plugs. so i put osh 4 pin in. working fine ever since.

    good luck

  • This could be the start of ignition module and/ or coil trouble. If it does turn out to be this, replace the module and coil. Mazda will only sell you a complete distributor for £300+. Best bet is to buy the distributor repair kit from probestore


    That comes in at less than Ford will sell you a 24v Probe ignition module for (which is what you would need) and the service from probestore is very good too.


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