(moved) which oil ?

  • can any body please tell me which oil ishould use .my mx 3 has 114,000 on the clock .still sounds sweet .
    (blew the first mx 3 no oil ,and not much warning, a lesson for everyone check the oil level everyweek! got a new engine and fitted for 500 quid wish i knew about the kl-ze back then.
    now my second mx 3 uses just as much oil but doesnt seem to be any blue smoke)

  • uses oil?? mines got about 127000 on the clock and going strong apart from being abit noisy, if its burning oil i'd suggest using oil that thicker in viscosity :wink:

  • i put castrol magneteck 10/40w in mine and its worth puting in a botle of slick 50 after the oil change not before


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