MX-6 stereo installation help required

  • Hello all,

    As some of you will know, some Muppet was kind enough to write off my 3 for me and now I have an MX-6.
    Trying to transfer a couple of bits over I'm having trouble removing the stereo from the 6. It's an old Clarion with an auto changer in the boot.
    The head unit just won't come out. it looks like it has standard DIN (?) removal key slots but it just won't move when I try some keys I have lying around. Spoke to a chap at halfords and he seems to think that the stereos are bolted into the 6 and cannot be removed without dismantling the center console.

    Is this true? seems like an unnecessary pain in the ass to install an after market head unit in this way!!

    Any help/ideas will be useful. (Don't really want to pay £30 for them to rip apart my new car!!)

  • ask at a decent car audio shop instead of halfords :lol:

    what are the previous keys off? have you tried using wire coat hangers? :?

  • it took me a bit to get my mates out using those U shaped key things gotta get em in right then pul out (left and right) as well as towards you thats how i ended up doing it.

  • So we're of the impression that the stereo isn't bolted in then?
    That's reassuring. I shall persevere!

  • my pioneer came with a couple of bolts but i think they are for the cage to be bolted to the car not the stereo. i took a clarion out of my mx3 with the keys that came with my pioneer one. they were the L shaped ones.

  • naw though all the stereos ive taken out at work iv never come across one thats been bolted in because how would thay get to the bolts plus its not like the japs to do that thay always make things nice and simple so in my opinion it wont be bolted in

  • well I thought halfords were just taking the piss but I still can't get the bloody thing out. Called a car audio fitting place in town and arranged to bring it in tomorrow. They reckon it's probably bolted in too.

    Bit odd but we'll see tomorrow. I shall report back.


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