Firing order… (being deleted once i have it)

  • anyone know the firing order on the v6. in that online manual it says 1,2,3,4,5,6. but looks too simple if you know what i mean.

    need to know as my dizzy cap is cracked. (got lovely shock 3 times the other day)

    new one comeing on tuesday so will be good to know.

  • its written on the dizzy cap what HT goes to what plug :wink:

  • are ht numbered also if now whats 1 2 3 etc sorry for being lil dull with this

  • sorry mate i only had the info of the numbers are written on the dizzy cap at the time, you aint dull…well :P

    just had a nosy at mine, and through some true scale acurate pictures i have the info...


    as you look from the front of the car thats how it is, so just match cylinder one in the picture to the number one thats stamped on the dizzy cap etc 8)

  • very detailed scale diagram!!!! thanks lol its all sorted running alot better. must been down slightly for a couple of weeks as the kick im getting from power im now getting is alot beter. also whilst was on subject of playing with car. i installed a set of standard lights. did not notice a lil crack in glass but frost tuesday showed it up. had to remove glass from the old one and install in the "new" one. was quite easy with a lil research.

  • why thankyou :lol:

    glad you got it sorted, shame i still can't figure whats wrong with mine :(

  • what was your problem??/

  • no idea, it just seems really low on power at lower RPM say under 3000RPM and seems to intermittently suffer from what can only be described as missing until it reaches 2000ish RPM then being underpowered till it reaches 3000RPM after that the torque picks up alot more :?

  • hummmm…. what have you checked altogether?
    quick thoughts sounds like either air intake. plugs or leed. dont think clutch due to you getting more power above a certain. may be you have a sensor on the exhaust or connector lose. mine before was lose at the back head gave me slightly same problem. (nearly stalling etc)

  • its got new plugs, new dizzy cap, new coil, other than that i aint checked much else as it was too much bother to find something wrong when i had no idea what could be causing it :?


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