Fountainz, valley and any1 in the south west

  • swansea cruise 16th december
    sounds like a good event dnt quite no the ins an outs but im on a stand lol
    u 2 poppin down 2 say hi as its closer 2 u to than it is to me

  • let me know the details. sounds like fun :oops: not sure if i can defo make it as of yet as i am ment to be going out for a mates 24th and misses is home from uni that day. but cruise sounds like fun..

    you know who is setting it up or is it like the one i manage to bump in last time driving there lol

    may be holding off on the drinking funds as fecking tax came thru today. 180 noooooooo :twisted:

  • just done a quick google search on this freedom… looks like its junction 45 m4 clydach... in door market :? £5 get in on day but £4 in advance.. looks like street legal crusie is sorting it all out.

  • on a stand wit modified bristol mate
    so will either have the maazzz, or the v6
    sooo…..... cum say hi :D

  • I'll be around Swansea this night but not at this event due to Policital reasons with other clubs. Lol. I hope to see you around though anyway guys.

  • s w c v's streel legal???

  • wat u on about political resons wit clubs
    u pissed sum ppl off
    or r there clubs due to go who cause hassel
    maybewe shud agree 2 meet afta or b4 servives or summin like dat
    b nice 2 put names 2faces n all

  • I'm a member of and staff of a few clubs around south wales and in Swansea mostly who don't get on with the people organising the event. Due to personal reasons mostly.I can probably introduce you to about 15 people who don't like the people in a matter of minutes of you arriving in Swansea.

  • any reasons why??
    and does this mean the event is gunna be crap
    are the local lot going to try an make it fail etc
    coz if that sorta things going down i dnt wanna go lol

  • No it probably won't be crap. ( I don't know they've never tried a legal event before.) And no ones trying to sabotage it as far as i'm aware. No one that i know is anyway. We got another meet somewhere else.

  • whats the other, where too etc. im going to try and be around in swansea this sat. but the misses sis is having a baby tonight (wednesday) so i think the misses will want to be back to see her/him (it) but if makes her all brudy im out asap!!! :lol: if that is the case will try and find something either newport cardiff or swansea. if not. might be able to get away for a few min (if freedoms lets me know what time on way down) could quickly meet up for a quick hi :shock:. anyway!!! its late

  • neva oo late mate
    prolly passin cardiff an newport about 4 ish id imaginejus put all da interior and sounds in, lookin good
    few eethin trouble with the system but should be sored bt 2moz
    ill keep ya posed

  • if you guys end up meeting, take some pics of your mx-s together! it's always nice to see group photos :D


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