UDP cheap on ebay

  • Someone confirm I'm right here please! This is the correct UDP for a ze?
    MX6 2.5 V6 6 Cylnder 1994-1997
    Ford Probe 2.5 V6 6 Cylinder 1994-1997


  • saying the 2.5 V6 is the same as the KLZE apart from a couple of adjustments, id say its the same, but im sure there was a discussion about these and also the quality?

  • oh yea? couldn't find anything with search… Ill probably just order from US then, don't wanna be replacing that sorta crap when the engines in!

  • I can't remember where i saw it..maybe someone can help? :?

    im sure it was on a group buy of these?

    the ones in "discussion" were from china, so the quality of them weren't too bright

    but another note that was made is the original one is designed to work with the engine, as the engine vibrates the original underdrive helps with this by dulling down the vibration making the engine less suseptical to damage, while a lightened one can't dampen this as easy :?

    I really can't think of where i found it, otherwise i would give a link, im not saying don't get one because i said so, im hoping someone can enlighten you more than i can and give a more detailed respone :?

    Edit, i just looked on google, this bloke explains it better than me :lol:


    Originally Posted by FBodyPerformer
    what exactly is the use of an underdrive pulley? And can someone explain the dampening of it?

    I always heard they were a waste of time but seeing that noone in here has said anything bad about them, wouldnt mind looking into and learning what they are about.


    It's basically a "lower gear" for your belt accessories. They won't spin as fast, but they'll still perform fine, and the "lower gear" effect frees up as much as 10 or so hp. Sort of like the difference in nailing the throttle in 1st, and nailing it in 6th, though not that extreme.

    Dampening is the action of controlling harmful engine vibrations, usually with a soft or fluid mass that will absorb those harmonic vibrations.

    If you have a piece of steel bar sitting around, pick it up and hit it with a hammer. It'll ring like crazy till you grab hold if it. That same ringing will tear an engine apart if left unchecked. Thus, the crank pulley doubles as a harmonic dampener, much like your hand grabbing that ringing piece of steel



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