ABS Light

  • Hey guys - a problem with my project 1994 mx3,

    The abs light is on constantly, and the ABS does not appear to work.

    I've tried to pull codes by shorting TBS to GND in the usual diagnostics port, is this meant to make the ABS light show codes? Mine just stays on solid. Any thoughts?

    many thanks,

  • im in the same boat as u mate.

    im taking mine to diagnostics cnetre this week see if they can find the problem.

    not having abs on the mx-3 klze is pretty scarey

  • real cars don't have abs :wink:

  • lol guess we're just lovin our dream cars then ;)

    Kami, I managed to narrow mine down to one sensor, try measuring the resistance across each sensor by disconnecting it in the engine bay and measuring across the 2 terminals. Should be 1.5kohms if IRC.

  • ok cheers mate will give it a try.

    and rhino remember our cars arnt 1.8v6 and its not even 2.5v6.

    mine and marcos cars are special.

    2.5l v6 j-spec engine :D and when ur using standard calipers its nice to have the little insurance policy abs gives. beleive me when u spend 2-3k on the project and 7 or 8th day u have it u nearly crash cus the back locks and it starts fish tailing on u is no laughing matter.


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