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  • Hi,

    Have people on this site had much experience with proven products sping/shock kit for the mx-3?

    I would like to uprate the suspension but i guess the options are limited..

    Thanks in advance.

  • haven't tried that system 2 setup, but did order 4 bilstein shocks and 40mm springs. Handling is much tighter, fly through roundabouts! Springs took a bit of settling but all good now.

  • Cool, how much did you pay for the shocks and springs and where from? Does it look good?

    Once these 15" tyres are shot I hope to put some new wheels on too, perhaps 16". Trouble is, the tyres on my car have been to germany, round the ring and round silverstone, and there is still loads of tread!! Really light on tyres these cars!

    Love the mx3!

  • £315 I think from Proven Products. At first wasn't impressed as the car was sitting funny, but it's settled now and it looks great :) Must get some pics up actually. Really makes the car look sweet, are your old shocks gone? Otherwise you may get away with just springs.

  • the trouble is if you just get springs your shocked willgo quicker than they normally would so you end up buying new ones any way and basicly doing the same job twice! :(

  • this is true! however bilsteins are oem replacements, so bare in mind they are only as capable with taking the drop as much as the originals. But when you take into consideration the condition that your originals are probably in you should get new shocks.

    If I was doing it again I'd probably save for ksport coilovers off or get koni inserts(which look easy once you look into it). Though the bilsteins have been grand so far…


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