ABS relay

  • The ABS warning light is on all the time meaning that the relay has a problem, just wondering how i go about changin them, where are they and how many of them are they??? also where can i get replacements. Cheers guys.

  • all the time even when your ignition is off.?

  • under the bonnet, on the passenger side theres a couple of black plastic boxes attached to the suspension mount are think ABS is 60amp

  • Are you sure its the relay? My light was staying on all the time and it turned out to be a duff sensor on one of the wheels.

  • No not when the ignitions off haha, its on when the ignition is turned and the engine is idling. Doesnt the light only come on when the cars moving if its the sensor? an how much did the sensor cost??

  • My light was constantly even when stationary. I had the fault codes read and it showed that one of my sensors was faulty ( I forget exactly which one it was a couple of years ago) The sensor itself cost me £175 from Mazda.

  • Ah sh**, hopefully it aint that then, this cars cost me an arm and a leg already. Will it fail the MOT for the light being on? and can i just disable the light and then hopefully they wont pick up on it? ABS isint really a necessity.

  • Yes and no. The light is supposed to come on for a few seconds when you turn the engine on then go off. If it does'nt do this its a fail. However you might be able to get away with removing the bulb and hoping they dont notice it. Depends how thourough the garage doing the MOT is being. You could try getting a sensor from a scrappy and fitting it yourself but I've heard that because its a safety item garages wont fit them unless there brand new. Something to do with liability insurance I think, on some cars if the ABS fails the whole braking system can go tits up but on MX3's it just reverts to being a set of brakes without ABS :D

  • mine did this ages ago. thought o sh*t also…... however. i forgot to check simple things and was low fluid. which kicked the light on whist pulling off and turning..

  • my new project Mx has the abs light on solid whilst running, just got through the MOT nps haha

  • its an MOT failure, on the new test sheet it will tell the examiner that it should stay lit for a few seconds then go out.

    the only way i found to get around this, although you shouldn't do it is…

    tape over the connections for the ABS and wire the bulb to the same connectors as the airbag (or another bulb that stays on for a couple of seconds on ignition)

  • one other things. on the subject my grand farther has this problem on his bmw. all it is, is a lose connection on the hand brake sensor. needs adjusting. he has to stuff a window cloth next to it to keep the contact. could be something that simple

  • @8d1f2fd8aa=hypnoticstoat:

    My light was constantly even when stationary. I had the fault codes read and it showed that one of my sensors was faulty ( I forget exactly which one it was a couple of years ago) The sensor itself cost me £175 from Mazda.

    stoat, where did you get your codes read? Seems I need special tools rather the usual LED for engine codes…

  • I used an engine diagnostic company based in Sheffield South Yorkshire called Autotronics. They charged me to do it though but I cant remember how much. If you have a business listings for your area you should be able to find a garage that will do it for you but I don't know how much it'll cost you.

  • Hmm ok thanks dude. Can't see it costing too much, if I don't crack it this weekend I'll get my dad to tow me round to autoelec (the project beast is now SORN dammit).

  • ABS is usually relay or sensor.

    Don't bother buying new sensor if it comes to that, get one from a scrappy.
    They are a pain in the arse to get of the car but easy to fit. I got one of the metal mud guards from behind the brake disc from a scrappy for £2.50 and when i got home I found an ABS sensor in my boot? and a relay in my tool bag?

    ABS relay is just one of the big boxes inside the fuse box, in case you did not know.

    1. Go scrappy for new relay ;-)
    2. Get hold of a voltmeter and check the resistance of each sensor, if one has NO resistance then its either gone or wire leading to it is the problem.
    3. If resistance is all OK then check VOLTAGE AC with voltmeter, turn wheel and you should see voltage fluctuate. If one does not then its probably gone.

  • lol howd that get there?!

    It's not the relay, as I swapped it with my other mxs relay and it still didn't work, did the same with the control module too. Inside the fuse box? Nothing but fuses in mine! I swapped the fail safe relay beside the headlight, (following the workshop manual).

    I just noticed a sensor wire clip hanging off in passenger side rear arch :o So I'm getting more sure its that sensor or wire. Got a multimeter, so I shall measure voltages tonight or the weekend, weather dependant!

    thanks for your help :)

  • woo confirmed dead sensor on my front right! Hope it fixes it, thanks again ;)


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