Buying a new clutch–advice please!

  • well, I am looking into buying a new clutch as mine is shot, but having looked into it on they say a 2.5 MX6 clutch will still fit a 1.8 with standard flywheel and gearbox. Or thats how I read it anyway!

    Anyone got experience with this? I dont want to buy a 1.8 clutch to have to replace it once I find a decnt KL to fit.

  • These are rated and seem like good prices:

    Not sure on the shipping costs though.

    I wouldn't know about the 2.5 fitting the 1.8 flywheel, might just be worth waiting and replacing the clutch at the same time as the engine?

  • well,any advances to where the best place to get a 1.8 clutch from might be?with xmas looming im tryna keep costs down but dont wanna buy toooo cheap:s also,how easy is it to fit ur own?thort i might have a go,providin its not too much hard work:D so a decent well priced clutch and a fitting guide,many thnx to any1 that can help:)

  • my clutch went over a year ago (did it in good fashion) however. i think i had the 2.5 clutch put in. as place where i got it done. said its not standard for the 1.8. he uprated it because when he got the 1.8 one he said it looked poor for a v6 engine. only cost me 80 fitted (no labour)

  • flywheel and clutch are interchangable, mx6 has same gear box but heavier flywheel and stronger clutch.
    Thats why mx6 guys switch to mx3 fly as its lighter and frees up the rpms.


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