Temperature Woes

  • Hello,

    I'm a newbie here :) Finally got my account activated.

    Bought a cheap MX-3 on ebay (yah i know lol).

    All seemd fine but it always "smells warm" round the engine. Today it decided to pee a load of water out of the overflow on the top of the expansion tank. Engine was showing as halfway on temp guage and didnt feel super hot to touch.

    Feeling the vaccuum pipe the other side of the thermostat it was cold. Tho to be fair the water coming out of the overflow wasnt that hot either.

    Do i need to get another thermostat? Soz if is stupid question i know nothing about engines lol

    Car is a 1994 V6 with 90k on.

    I've noticed in these cold nite/mornings it always steams from exhaust more than other cars. Seems to ALWAYS be steaming hehe.



  • Well my 95 mx 3 with 90 k on it, always is steamy in the mornings more than any other car too, i blame it on condensation on the exhaust pipe….
    Other than that, thats all i can say

    oh and welcome!

  • thanks :)

    Ordered a thermostat as firgured I may as well change it as its only a few quid.

  • hi,

    Change the thermostat, Flush the whole system at the same time, put correct anti-freeze back in. There are instructions for flushing the system in the Chiltons manual.

    Is your heater blowing hot or cold when on the hot setting?

  • @0ce12691ca=ukmx3admin:

    Is your heater blowing hot or cold when on the hot setting?

    Nice and warm, much to my girlfriend's approval lol

  • I changed the thermostat today. Emptied all of the coolant out and put in some decent stuff.

    Ran the car on the spot for 20 mins and it sat at about halfway and didnt "smell as warm" as it has done.

    Will have to see how it goes but I am still not convinced. Something just isnt quite right.

    Oh well got the next thing to worry about now, a heatshield sounds rattly LOL!

  • Check the one on top of the cat. mine came loose and kept making a rasping / rattling noise at low revs. A couple of O ring clips sorted it in no time.

  • Driven the car today and its smelling warm again :(

    Also just before I got to where i was going it decided to go like its lost a cylinder. I hope I just havent put one of the leads on properly and its not another problem!!!

  • Panic over on the one issue, the induction intake had hit the one plug and knocked it out cos i had stuck it on pointing out a bit. Hopefully will be ok.

    Sooo…. does it seem like head gasket? No "mayo" looking residue in the oil cap, no oil in the water, doesnt overheat as such sits slightly over halfway.

    Any ideas that will cost to sort if so?? So much for a nice japanese runaround car after my fiesta ingested water!

  • mines slightly over half way has been since i had her. thats with a new gasket set. plugs rad flush and thermo.

  • Yeah if its overheating you will know about it.

    Needle off the chart in traffic, pulling over to let it cool type situation.

  • @cb9807d81d=Valley:

    mines slightly over half way has been since i had her. thats with a new gasket set. plugs rad flush and thermo.

    it seems like there a some mx-3's where the gauge always reads a little over half and then the rest of the mx-3's the needle always read a little under half.

  • She's still going ok :) Still smells warm though LOL

    Absolutely guzzles oil though, had to put nearly 2L in the other day after I found it was not showing on the dipstick :shock: :shock:

  • the oil is not only for lubing it helps cooling too! maybe an idea to get someone to look at it.

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