Fuse Question

  • Yesterday my cd player, cigarette lighter and clock all stopped working at the same time (when i pushed the cig lighter in) I'm guessing its a blown fuse, I've looked in the fuse panel inside and there was one marked "ROOM" I had assumed it was this one but it's not blown :? . I know some of the fuses relate to things in addition to what their label says (I remember temporarly swapping a blown one for the windows for another, cant remember which but I remember thinking it wasnt anything important but the one I swapped did the blowers as I found out going down the motorway when my windows steamed and I couldnt clear them DOH!) anyway long story short its cold and dark outside and I dont much fancy rooting around every fuse in the car to find the one I need. Does anyone know which one I should be replacing?

  • dont no which one it is but should be blue 15amp

  • just looked at mine, its the "radio" one, its on the bottom right :wink:

  • Doh! yeah thanks. I realise this now after I looked again this afternoon. I guess I was just being tired and thick i must have missed it :oops: I've found which one is blown and sods law I've run out of 15A fuses so I'm off for a trip to Halfords to pick up some new ones. Thanks for the help. :)


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