Crank no start, No fuel pump, no spark.

  • Hello everyone, I have been struggling to figure out what is wrong with my MX3, its a 1993 Special edition V6, one day it started fine and ran perfectly the next it fired up for 30 seconds then just shut down, would not fire up at all only crank. even then it would only crank with jumper cables on the battery.

    I have tested all fuses for continuity and found they are all good relays however, I do not really know how to test even more so since my relays do not have the diagram on them (Denso) I have removed my fuel pump relay however, I cannot for the life of me find the main relay, I have seen diagrams showing where it is however, the diagram in the fuse box says it is "fuel injection"

    I have tested a spare fuel pump I had and that fuel pump also had no life in it. I have not tried to jump the pumps but either way the current pump is only 5k miles old and the original pump worked when it came off of the car so I doubt it is actually the pumps.

    Spark plugs are also only 5k miles old and in good condition as far as I can tell, timing belt to my knowledge was done not long before I owned the car and I have only done around 5-6k miles in it so I doubt its that but I haven't checked.

    Any help or suggestions from wiser owners would be much appreciated as I am not particularly mechanically talented at all and have not been an MX3 owner for real long.

    Thank you.

  • Hi I had a similar problem on my V6 ,I changed the distributor/coil to no avail ,I had an auto electrician take a look at it ,and it turned out to be the fuel relay,I got a replacement off eBay ,which expensive,Hope this helps
    Regards Mushman

  • Correction,the relay was not expensive

  • Thanks, I will replace the fuel relay asap probably replace main whilst I am at it.

  • According to the DVLA there are only 3 SE mx3 v6s currently on the road , I think 1 is in Wales,and mine is in Norfolk,


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