Wilko33's - GS Project

  • Hey guys, and thanks for setting up a UK site– its been a long time coming I hope this one lasts!

    Well... here is my ride. Still a while to go before its perfect but as it stands at the moment. Folow the link to my feature on my local club Sheffcruise, I find it easier than writing out my specs again!!!


    but here are the pics in there full glory, I have just changed the silver lights for carbon ones and the to do list includes a short shift, new clutch (much needed I have to say!), some new suspension and hopefully some new wheels. Not sure on which ones yet but will post up some options soon. Well hope you like!

    PS: before anyone meantions not liking the front bumper I aint that keen either.. any one got a Drift front bumper to sell????!!!!

  • lookin good dude, although could do with being a lil lower???

  • The cars lookin sweet, I've always been sceptical about the aggressive looking bumpers, but that looks spot on.

  • did u retrim the door cards yourself? and if so how? and how did u do the seat belts?

  • looks very nice and tidy!

    if you get your new wheels, let me know i might be intrested in your 17s!

  • also where did u get the clear front indecators?

  • The whole of the retirm was done by a professional company next to my bodyshop, they charged me 300 pound which isn't a lot but in all fairness its a 300 pound job. I got the alcantara cheap and there are a couple of faults but strong glue is really all you need, the material was simply stck over and tucked into the edges.

    The harnesses are simply 4 point harnesses, which I mounted on the seat buckle and under the right mounting point for the waist points, then used the back seat belt for the others… I have no seat belts in the back now so one point goes to the back seat buckle holder and the other to the seat belt attachement. I can pm you more details if you wish, but ti was easy.

    The indicators came with the car... I thought they were standard!!!

  • yea please i would really like the details on the seat belts! as im doing mine up for drag eventually i wont need the seat belts!

  • With regards to the seat belts, I have never had anyone sat in the back so having back seat belts seamed a little useless. I stripped the whole car out and saw how the back seat belts were mounted and thought harnesses would look good, so bought them!!

    They look almost factory fit. The front points went to the bolt where the original buckle sits on the front seats and underneath the back seat bolt on the other side. the back ones you can see from the pictures below. One point goes to where the old back seat belt buckles used to be, simply unbolt them, thread the harness through the seat and bolt them back in.

    The other point went to the old seat belt holder. If you look in the background of the 3rd picture you can see it thread through the trim in the back and bolts in. you only need to take off the top covers to get to these, you dont have to strip fully but there are the pictures below of my full strip, helps you to see the car bare.

  • What plans have you got for the missing trim where the front seatbelts normally go?
    And irish: the clear frint indicators are standard on uk models. If you want some try scrappies for an mx that's been (preferably) rear-ended.

  • the front seat belt holes and plastic are now covered in the same purple alcantara that covers the seats and door cards, as are the a pilalrs and soon to be the roof I hope!


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