Soft brakes

  • Hi guys I’m new to this and only owned my mx3 for a few months. It’s just had an MOT and new brake pads etc but I’m finding the brakes are really soft and I have to really step on it for the brakes to work has anyone else experienced this/ knows what may be causing it ?

  • Hi Niki
    If you have had new brake pads and discs it will take a while for the material on the pads to bed in against the discs.
    If you use it as every day transport then should be good after a few days.
    Failing that take it back to the garage as it may need re bleeding.

  • Thank you very much :)

  • Hi the only thing that comes to mind is that the calipers could possibly need an overhaul, Getting a repair kit and replacing the piston and seals is relatively easy.I bought two second hand calipers fairly cheaply ,and took my time rebuilding them before fitting,brakes work perfectly now


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