Ferio - project from holland!

  • Hi Guys!

    I'm a member of the dutch mx-3 club and i also happen to come across the UK club which is the reason i signed up here! ;)

    I'm Martijn, 22 years old and my job is E Engineer and also DJ in the clubs here in holland due the weekend.

    Here are some pictures of the mx-3 i have. It's still not yet completed! :wink:

    The chrome backlights are going to replaced with black smoke lights in 2 weeks.

    Next year i will change the back bumper for another one with 4 pipes instead of one. i have atm.

    I'm also thinking of making the car wide body but not extreme, more sport coupe but i can't find a place here in holland where i can do this :(. Maybe germany have some places where i can do this. If anyone knows lets me know! :D

    Anyways good to be here!! :D

  • hey martijn .
    good to see you here ;)

    about that body kit , if you've interested , you can send me a pm on the dutch board 8)

  • Hi dude just got to say that im lovin that front bumper :D


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