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  • Hi All,
    Recently purchased a 1998 mx3 1.6. Finally pulled the trigger on a truest beautiful car. Looking forward to the conversations in the group!
    Couple of things need sorting out beforehand. Have been searching for a slave cylinder for this model, but it seems there is two variants of the EC DOHC 1.6. Can anyone help in verifying if the 107hp 1.6 engine uses the same slave cylinder as the 110hp 1.6?

    Thanks for the help!

  • @melvink13404
    I can't imagine that there would be a difference in the slave cylinders ,if there is a part number ,try eBay if you haven't already ,Sorry can't offer any more help
    Regards mushman

  • Thank for the help. I thought the same. Also having an issue with water entering through through either the sunroof or the front windscreen. I’m thinking it’s the sunroof front drainage pipes that are blocked. Any thoughts on how I should approach it?

  • Hello,
    The first thought that i had with regards to the blocked front pipes is to check that the ends are clear.
    You should find them behind the covers in the footwell on each side of the car.
    The next thought would be to open the sunroof, remove the trim on the headliner around the opening, reach in and disconnect the pipes then attach another peice of pipe and blow air through them.
    If this doesn't work then you will need to remove the headliner and trim so that you can examine the pipework and the sunroof framework.

  • Hi. I will try this. However I forgot to mention the sunroof cannot be opened/closed by the switch. it can be forced manually a bit, but that’s not good. When the switch is pressed there is a clunk and the sunroof raises/lowers a tiny bit.


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