Engine wont start

  • Car has been parked since 2003 engine turns over and has a spark but wont run any idea on what may be causing this??

  • I want to state i dont own the car yet but these are the faults they have described wanted to know how serious these could be to know if it is worth the price (£500 / £668 including transport)

  • Why was taken off the road?

    Some considerations-
    spark at the right time - common issues = leads, plugs and distributor
    fuel at the right time = fuel pump working? 18 year old fuel? injectors sticking
    compression at the right time = check timing belt

  • Hello,

    As well as checking what Marco has advised, i would also check all of the hoses and the vacuum system.
    Also look at the connectors and see if there is any water ingress.


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