Wasted spark

  • Can anyone suggest ways a wasted spark ignition system would work on a Mx 3 v6 and how to go about it

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    I'm running wasted spark using a MS2 PNP ECU (MegaSquirt), a Quadspark from Diyautotune, and a Ford Puma (I think, been so long since I bought it) coil pack.

    This is the MegaSquirt ECU I have - it's plug and play for OBD1 MX-3, I'm not sure about OBD2, might be? [Edit - it's OBD1 only]- Link to MSPNP Gen2

    The MegaSquirt ECU control lines are not capable of running the coil pack directly, which is why you need the Quadspark unit for that. - Link to QuadSpark unit

    This is a guide provided by Diyautotune on how the megasquirt the Ford Probe, but its a pretty close setup for the MX-3, and it's what I used to help me with my build. Check out the section 'Optional Wasted Spark' - Link to MegaSquirt PNP Gen2 Docs

    You will need much more then just this too, depending on your setup, and you will need to be comfortable with wiring this all in and probably doing some soldering.


  • Thanks Jono for that ,it's a bit mind boggling although I have some electrics experience ,I think this might be beyond my expertise ,can you suggest anyone who could undertake this work ,I am still trying to source a coil pack ,
    Regards Huckmush

  • Hi Jono
    I have discovered that Mazda changed the distributor in 1995 and my Mx is a 1996 ,my question is do you know why the change and could the 95 distributor be retrofitted to a 96 mx3 ?


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