Mine kinda finished

  • sorry there on bebo, but coulnt be bothere to host um on ohotobucket when there already on there, will ad more if asked
    lemme know what ya think

  • Looks damn good!!!

  • thought she was going to end up green like the boat

  • yea so did i, but when i KLDE'D it
    i decided to go right stripped out, no nuthing apart from two seats, looking for lighter 1 o might have a full leather interior for sale if n e 1z inrested lol
    a dash and a cage, no door cards, healining nuffinc
    and to respray it all green wuda been tooo much effort so just had a full outside spray instead
    i think the red and black go well n e way, still subtle, not 2 in ya face, as lime green wuda been

  • Looks damn tasty!

    Now when you say full leather for sale…. I may be interested depending on colour and cost etc.

    Let me know if you do plan to sell it!

    And hows the corsa going? I seem to remember that you were gonna make sure you weren't the only one embarrassed by a pink car!!

  • yea the black and red is a great look. you do the paint job yourself or!!!!

    i was thinking of respraying mine like highlighter pen orange!!! lol but that would be in your face as well as requiring alot of extra respraying

  • i did the spray job meself,
    it aint perfect, but atleast i can say the car, from top to bottom is homemade
    there are little finishg touches that let it own, so it's no RSROADKILLA kinda mx-3, which it was originally intended, i trie pitch me self between bruce and tommy d really, goin for looks, but also having the perfomance to back it up. :D

  • thanks for the comments guys
    oh an i was offered a fair whack more than i paid for it lol so gone straight away
    the leather, which is all black, is the earlier style seats (tasty looking ones with holes in the top) and the rear ones to match, no rips, tears etc and in all really nice condition. the back seats are surplus now, so realli i feel its a waste ive got it, and to b honest i couldnt sell the back without the fronts could i.
    i paid £600, yea, i know, when i bought it to give u an idea, but make me an offer if you fancied it,

  • what does your engine knock out then. (etc litre) as i know most of us are going for the 2.5 v6 mod! so quite interested

  • Very nice. Do you get any scrubage with the front wheels at full lock though?

  • on full lock they just, an i mean just touch
    on 215/35/18 tyres
    valley, prolly does about 20ish to the gallon
    speed wise prolly doin 60 in about 6ish seconds, and had it off the clock :P
    had a play with the new megane 2l turbo on the way home, there o-60 in 7 i belive and he got abliterated :D
    i didnt have any probs with the swap really, al straight forward, and all id have to do know is hea and cams from a klze really, but i CBA realy,
    ill get round to some serious engine work, porting etc when i decide to bling the bay up
    ill do some more finishing touches to it wen i get round to it as it isnt my daily drive but for now, im a happy camper

  • now n ot a happy camper!! :evil:
    2/3 weeks its been on the road
    and my passenger sie shock went in the door last night
    and my mot is tomorow
    is it part of the test that they have to open it, because it drops about an inch or so??
    an dont want them banging it etc to close it

  • Hmmm. If they open the door and the suspension drops then I'm pretty sure thats gonna be a fail.

  • Ooops :oops: just reread your post and I realise you meant the shock in the door lift. I dont think this would be a fail as it doesnt make the car unsafe to drive on the road. The MOT is basicly just to check that the wheels are not going to fall off, that it stops and doesnt pose a danger to other road users. If the door closes and locks and is not going to fall off then I'd say your gonna be okay.

  • well £600 is a bit much for leather interior I think. (out of my price range anyway) and I wouldn't want to insult you and offer something too low but I do know that you can get natural leather or alcantara or mixed interior for less than £400. Make me an offer and we'll see what we can do. (might have to wait for my next paycheck though!

  • i think its the fact that its the old style in rear, very hard to find, as the a black leather interior is v hard to find
    the alcantra mox ws found in al the se's so quite common to get hold of
    it prolly take 350ish for it as i want some fibaglass seats:)
    that ive seen for that kinda money

  • Sorry, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to afford that much.


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