Axela Sport - unique in the UK

  • Is anyone interested in my daughter's Axela Sport? It's an MX3 by another name, literally unique in this country and rare globally with only a few hundred having been built to that spec - but all parts available. It was first registered RHD in Japan in 2008, she bought it in New Zealand then, because she liked it so much, brought it back with her in 2014.

    There's only one snag to an otherwise lovely car which we wondered if anyone on this forum might have the expertise and interest to take on? It has developed a fault warning on the auto box. In normal terms it means it's probably not economic to repair. But it really is a beautiful car - powerful 2 litre engine, fantastic deep metallic blue colour, body kit and wheels, superb part leather interior. Well maintained. Fully UK spec adapted. Far too good to scrap and would be a shame to simply break for parts.

    So, if anyone IS interested, we're open to sensible offers and can provide full information and photos. Currently on my (i.e. dad's) drive...

    Do get in touch on this forum or... 07802 918587


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