Still hanging on

  • I still have my mx3 V6 and intend to keep it running as long as possible ,it's rather sad looking at all the posts from long ago and realising that us MX 3 owners are a dying breed ,

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    Yep, not many of us left at all :(

    If you look here on How Many Left, it's quite interesting to see a few are still SORN, not sure how many are still road worthy! Mine is on that SORN list, hope to change that in the near future! :)


  • Mine has been continuously on the road for the past 5 years and has recently passed its MOT with a clean bill of health,I have to say it is garaged over the winter months ,I have kept it completely original even including the tape player .I do have an electrical problem at the moment but that is the first problem since I have had it ,even the air con works still ,It is the second mx3 I have had sadly the first one got written off ,and I have had an Mx 5 Inbetween times I hope to keep it going for a few more years yet

  • chap I bought mine from had two! Mine was the better of the two, but both road legal and used. The other has now been sold as is being broken for parts I believe.

  • Mine is only a 1.6 auto but still presentable and in daily/weekly use. I do about 300 miles a month in it to keep things ticking over. The sills are going to need sorting soon as is the sun affected red paint but the interior is still A1 and I love driving it!!


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