Buying an MX3 1.8 V6

  • Hello,

    Just considering buying a mid-90's MX3 with a K8 engine plus manual 'box. Could anyone advise me what /where are the main rust areas to watch out for on these cars.... (I've heard that the Japanese don't put salt on their roads !). Thanks

  • Hello,
    Most of the underside is prone to rust however the main parts that i have come across are the front of the rear wheel arches behind the plastic trim, the brake pipes just in front of the fuel tank where they bend down to go along the main body, the sills on both sides and the wheel arches themselves.
    Also look to see if the car has been jacked up using the box rails underneath both the passenger and driver side foot wells as they can be bent inwards and affect the handling of the car plus these rails are not the jacking points.
    In some rare cases look at the top of the shocks from inside the wheel arch as i have seen these become bad, more the rear than the front though.

  • Cheers Rax, sounds like the voice of experience there ! Quite a lot to watch out for eg miss-use of those box rails etc.


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