MX3 V6 Bought!

  • Hi all

    Been using this forum a lot in the last week finding out various details that have been helpful when fiddling with my MX3 V6 that I bought last weekend.

    Only issue I’m working on immediately is a misfire when the engine is under load. Spark plugs, leads and air filter (found what could only be described as a nest in the air box) before I move on to coil pack which I understand is in the distributor and needs the timing checked after fitting, oh, and there’s two varieties, depending on firing order?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong and offer advice!

    alt text

    alt text

  • @rupturedduck
    Welcome and congrats!

    I'd recommend checking codes

    Distributors are a common failure, particularly the coil. Yep check the part numbers carefully when ordering replacement.

  • Hi @Marco thanks for the reply!

    Good news is: no more misfire! New battery, plugs and leads. The lead on the back middle of the three came apart as I removed it, leaving the connector on the spark plug. Soon had that out thanks to very long nose pliers and much profanity.

    So impressed with the engine. So smooth, even at speed. Next up: get the ABS light off. I suspect the rear sensors as the back brakes were done on the last MOT by the previous owner.

  • Hello,
    As Marco pointed out, pull the codes and they will tell you which sensor is failing.
    It might even be the ABS ecu which is located under the passenger seat but that is rare.
    With regards to testing the sensors you can do them individually with a meter but getting to the plug on the end of the leads is a bit awkward as the rear are behind the trim which involves removing the rear boot trim and the rear boot side panels, its a lot of work.
    On my MX3 all i needed to do was clean the ABS ring and they worked fine after that.
    Also if you do remove the ABS ring make sure that it goes back on straight as it will affect the sensor reading if you don't.

  • @rax thank you. That’s some sound advice.


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