Electric Supercharger…

  • Anyone fitted one?
    Is it worth the time and aggro for output?
    Any known problems?

    Just seen one on ebay and gave me some ideas.


  • hey mutts,

    i've seen this thing before and asked the same question. i've been told that a 12 volt motor cant possibly spin rotors quick enough to force enough air into the engine to make a difference.

    if anything, the rotor will slow the air down as its almost a complete obstruction.

    i could be wrong tho, i stand open to objection!

  • crap :? well most of them are, i can't see how this is any different, the IAT sounds similar to the resistor mod, which can cause bore wash, theres a couple of points that have drawn my attention on this auction..


    including additional belts and pulleys which actually drain horsepower

    technically its true, but it adds alot more power than it takes of, and will give alot more power than an electric charger.


    And since your alternator is already creating the power it has no HP drain on your car

    wrong, the alternator is forced to produce more power to cope with the extra load, which can lead to less power


    Unlike the inefficient old fashion models

    bollocks, if its so inneficient why is it used for more power?


    will not damage your engine with overwhelming pressure - no bent/broken rods, no blow-by, no detonation - it is completely safe for your car's engine.

    a real supercharger wouldn't if set up right


    double-digit horsepower and torque increases. And also this supercharger's results have been tested with an accelerometer - don't be surprised to see your 0-60, 180ft, and quarter mile times decrease

    at 130BHP i should hope it stays in double digits, and not even any graphs etc to show increase?


    This motor is capable of up to 2lbs of boost at over 8000rpm

    erm…is that 2 pound or 2 psi? as 2lbs is around 0.013889PSI and ground air pressure is 7PSI :?

    so, i aint convinced..again :?

  • Thanks for that unicorn, don't want to fit anything thats going to fcuk my engine up.

    I suppose that if all the promises that they are making on that advert were true everyone would have one bolted to their air intake.

  • @27440818e0:

    I suppose that if all the promises that they are making on that advert were true everyone would have one bolted to their air intake.

    and theres your answer :) If it actually worked then at that price compared to the cost and complication of a turbo / super chager setup then you would see them all over the place. If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is :wink:


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