Need help water leaking into car from roof

  • hi guys need help, ive had this problem for a while now but it just got a whole lot worse last night when it absoloutly pissed it down.

    when i went out this morning all the passanger side roof lineing and seat was soaking it was that bad it went stright though the seat and soaked the floor aswell.

    now i know whats doing it its the sunroof seal and the drain pipes are kinda blocked so im wonderin if any body has a spare sunroof seal for sale and if any one has any ideas to unblock the drain pipes with out having to strip it all down. thanx for your help in advance

  • had this problem. mine was pass side. but was getting wet on the seatbelt attach area. i took off back panneling. and dropped head lining.

    here you can see the pipes. i just blue down them. if they were blocked you can easily push some small garden wire down make sure end is blunt) or take off pipe clean and put back on easy job just taking off pannels do head in.

    also black silcone seal the roof from in side. (i noticed that i had a nut really loos and not giving correct seal. tightened that up job done. no water)

    PS online manual show excatly where pipes are attached and how to remove panneling. not sure where it is on here. SOMEONE HELP ON THIS

  • thanx for the help ill have a go tomoz hopefully and check all the bolts aswell but i know the sunroof seal is gone its got like an inch gap between where the seal meets each end so its bridged with ducktape lol! so if any one knows where to get one at a good price let me know plz :)

  • ebay most prob be the best!!! take car with the roof also. as there are clips that hold it up which are glued out of sight.

    and make sure you read the online manual on the roof section so you get a view of whats where

  • would you be able to give me a link to the online manual coz ive looked every where and cant find it :?

  • this should be it.. unless anyone can find the other post about it on our confusing site

  • ok thanxs very much ill have a go on friday coz i have the day off plus ill post up some pics just incase anyone has the same problem weel thats if i can get the pics to work coz every time i try thay dont work :?


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