Obd 1 v6 VS obd2 v6

  • Hello!

    Okay so I have a 1.8 V6 1998 mx3 donor car for my 323p (ba15) which I want to swap.
    But I also have a klze engine laying here and probably want to put that one in there but that's all obd1 I believe. And the 98 mx3 is obd 2. But what plugs etc are exactly wired differently? I mean can I get a 98 V6 loom and have the klze run on it? Or do I need a obd 1 loom?
    Or maybe even use a millenia 2.5 loom and Ecu from 97 for the maf swap.

    Just like to know what my options are here. Done a klze mx3 before but that was 92 on 92 so plug and play.

  • People have tried the swap on the obd2 loom and have run into all sorts of problems. You're best of swapping the loom completely if you have the skills to do so.


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