Hi, newbie here with (slight electrical) issue!

  • Hi all. Just last week purchased 1997 MX3, one owner until march this year, good service history inc. original bill of sale (these certainly weren't cheap cars were they) etc. etc. Had to jump at it as looks like it's been kept in cotton wool, mica green, black leather, 15" wheel option but 1.6 Auto. Drives nice and (already good) looks grow on me day by day. However, do have electrical prob. in that side lights only come on when switch is rotated as far as headlights, not at their first switch position. At this point rear lights are also very dim and if main beam is activated rear lights go out alltogether. Was supplied with a replacement column switch unit on purchase of vehicle. Have checked obvious things but as these probs. all seem connected at light switch on column maybe this is the correct rectification. Can anyone tell me if this a common prob? Many thanks for any info. or advice. Richard.0_1588697881317_MX3 2.jpg 0_1588697906573_MX3 1.jpg

  • Car looks great buddy, I see it for sale but we don't have room for a 3rd 😂.
    I'd say it's switch related but it might also be a live wire that's worn though and grounded out somewhere. Change the switch and if the problem is still there, check all wiring for front/rear lights and also the side/indicators in the front bumper.
    There's lots of "how to guides" on here if you want to read up on what you need to take apart.
    Good luck

  • @mazdax3 Many thanks for your appreciation and advice. All the best. Richard.


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