Milage difference due to Wynn's HLA treatment?

  • My mx has been running well for the past year and a bit and I've been getting about 30MPG since I bought it. A while ago I bought some Wynn's HLA treatment to quieten down the engine a bit.

    It was excellent for a while. Quieter engine, got an extra couple of MPG out of it (up to about 32) but now, (about 2 months later) I have noticed that my MPG has dropped dramatically. I'm down to about 26.5! Any ideas? could it be caused my the HLA treatment or not??

  • What mileage you got on your engine? I think the problem is that stuff cleans out all the carbon etc that has almost become part of your engine - sealing your scrapes and ditches. So now that it's gone thinks aren't as air tight as before.

    I was going to put some in, but someone recommended me against it for the above reason. I hope I'm wrong for your sake though!

  • not sure on this one. i put some in mine and got about the same mpg. but i have also put some valve stem seal treatment in as well. but that would be for oil mainly not petrol

  • The engine has done just over 100k so that may be the case. Still, hopefully it'll slowly start clogging up again after an oil change?!!!

    BTW Marco, those alloys are gorgeous, how much were they??

  • just double checked my mpg again using on calculator. im getting around 34 mpg now that with needing new stem seals, having a tappet sound along with being decat. so i dont think the hla should affect it that much.

    PS my baby has 143k on clock

  • Yea I love 'em! Got them second hand off a civic owner - who had them for 1 week haha! They cost him £700+, I got them for £450 I think - with tyres. Yea maybe you just got a crap tank of fuel? Hopefully it will resolve itself!

  • hmmm. it's not a crap tank, I have noticed that I'm getting consistently poor mileage from the past few tank fulls. Used to get about 220miles, now only about 190.

  • may be due to a number of things. poor injectors. plugs. air sensors. fuel lines. etc

  • hmmm… looks like I might have a bit of work to do then!
    Thanks for the info people. I think I'll get it serviced fairly sharpish if it's not sorted by the end if this tank. then take it from there.

  • have you looked at the air pipes coz mine did this and there was a split in one of the pipes


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