Help KLZE question need response asap so i can get on road!!

  • hi ive installed the klze the engine is fine mechanically but we came across a problem and its annoying the crap out of me.

    basicallyl when we rotate the front wheel on the driver side its like pulling the engine to that side but on the passenger side its fine. we think its drive shaft but they are brand new. its like the drive shaft is tool long for the engine but on the passenger side its fine, if anyone has had this problem with the klze swap b4 pls help me cus i cant find it on the forum and its the only thing stopping me driving my new baby.


    this problem only happens when the wheels are straight if i full lock the car either left or right it dosent pull the engine pls help me im getting really ****ed off with this now!!!!

  • engine mountings must be wrong then!

  • surely not as the engine mounts are the mazda speed 1.8 mx-3 mount from corksport

  • Sounds to me.

    when the numptys are the garage fitted the engine they did'nt line it up proberly.. u need it perfect in line or it will do stupid thing and snap drive shafts.

  • I installed the new mazdaspeed mounts and existing driveshafts and had no problems as the original driveshafts have 152k on them now and still hold up to the ze torque.
    Not sure what problem could be, new for old driveshafts identical? Must be a problem with something not lined up.

    keep us posted.
    Interested so see what you think of the ze against 1.8, not many that can compare in the UK.


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