New to site - 1993 V6 owner

  • Hi all,
    I thought I’d say hi, as a mx3 owner it sometimes feels like you’re the only one lol. I bought mine nearly 4 years ago, from a dealer, it had been traded by someone who had had it years and used it little. 60,000 miles when I bought it 70,000 now. My brother uses it most now , but I still maintain it , and still like to drive it, they handle so well. To date I’ve had to replace air intake pipe (Engine wouldn’t idle with split in old one) I paid a garage to do cambelt, all other belts, power steering fluid and gearbox oil. I do oil, filter and last year service brakes, Cali pers new disks and pads, new HT leads and k & n filter element. I need to change fuel filter but have not got round to yet, it’s not very easy to get to and have never done it. I have failed to stop the occasional smell of fumes in the cabin, I did find pin holes in the bottom of the down pipe, but sealing these hasn’t fixed. I need to adjust headlamp for MOT next month, I think I found a post on the forum pointing me to the rear of the lamp, will take a look soon. Anyway, will try and post anything interesting that I do or find, Cheers for now 👍

  • @kevcop2019 Welcome Kev, I'm pretty new myself and there are not too manyactive members but lets hope we can improve that. I only have the 1.6i Auto due to my weak left leg but I am taking it to display at Knebworth next Sunday and Monday. If you are around love to see you there!!

  • @kevcop2019 Hi Kev, Welcome to the club and the forum. I have a 1.6i and take it to shows and drive it when I can. Please post some photos of your car on here when you get the MOT and bring it along to some shows or drives soon. If you need insurance call Invicta Insurance Services on 01732 471950 and they will help you. Cheers, Steve

  • Hi Mick and Steve, thanks for your replies, I have good memories of autos, albeit my mates MK2 escort years ago :) My Manual box is a bit crunchie when cold, better since the oil was changed though, I sometimes wish for an auto! I can’t make this weekend, but will try for future events. The car is at my brothers but I’m sure he’d be happy for a day out. I’m not sure how to load photos? Do I just post a link to an internet site? Thanks for the insurance heads up, We’re currently paying just over £200, fully comp, guaranteed value, 3000 miles, parked on drive, so will definitely make another call in feb when the policy is due. Cheers Kev

  • @kevcop2019 Hi Kev, given that mine is only the 1.6 it is obviously cheaper but with the same conditions as you, mine was £107 for the year. Re photos I use . You just open an account, upload the pics to your gallery there and then copy the hotlink they give for forum use and paste it into your post so it looks like this:
    Then readers just click on the link to see the pic. Hope that helps. Cheers

  • Sorry Kev the photo site I use is not .com!!


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