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  • ive been thinking after driveing my mx-3 for a few months now and dose any one else think the mx-3 would be better with a 6-speed box? :?
    any body else think the same

  • Yeah. 5th is too short. A Cheaper way though it to fit a 2.0v6 box or i think a 2.5v6 box out of an Mx-6 has longer ratios.

  • again another thin i asked before. mx6 has a larger gear ration on 5th.

  • well at least im not the only one who thinks this :D so is there no 6speed boxe from another car in the mazda range that yould fit :? or would the best option be the box of the 2.5 mx-6

  • There's also a Kia 1.8l Sephia box fits, but that's for the BPT engine.

  • i know this will sound abit stupid but what do you mean by the BPT engine :?

  • @2dd1adde20:

    4. B6T / BPT

    B6T 1.6 power and torque outputs varied across markets due to emission and fuel standards, but the Japanese version of the B6T was the most powerful, producing 147 hp and 137 ft·lbf (186 N·m)

    BPT 1.8 is a turbocharged and intercooled variant of the BP. It produced 179 hp and 174 ft·lbf (237 N·m) of torque.

    BPD. It is commonly known as the 'big turbo' variant as it utilised a much larger IHI RHF6CB turbocharger. The BPT was used as the basis for the engine, with changes such as sodium filled exhaust valves, larger (and front mounted) intercooler, bigger fuel injectors and stronger engine internals helping to up the performance of the engine to produce 206 hp and 184 ft·lbf (250 N·m). This engine was designed to power Mazda to a world rally championship win, and was thus used in the limited production Mazda Familia GT-R (2200 built) and GTAe (300 built). I have never heard of anyone getting hold of one of these, but I bet they are expensive and because nobody has done the swap who knows what could happen. The KLZE swap is probably a better choice.

    If you like Turbos then this is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to get a Turbo into an MX3. It is a much more involved swap than the KLZE. Because of this and the fact that finding a BPT in the UK is a real rarity, this swap has never been completed in the UK (as far as we know). It is, however, a very popular swap in the USA.

    From the full list of engines -

  • you can also use the tranny from a 2.5 626 - it's the same as an mx-6 tranny

  • So that begs the question why do we never get any of the good stuff over here :( and why are all our cars down powered :?

  • Because we buy japanese cars :(

  • makes it more of a challenge! Whilst I hate having to work so hard to find quality parts, I love the exclusitivity of the mx3. It's always refreshing to see another one about. I love it that when people see it and are like 'what is that?!'. At least we were blessed with the ability to drop a kick ass ZE in ;)


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