KL-ZE source in the UK

  • Hi guys,

    I've just bought a '94 GS that's having engine trouble for dirt cheap as I plan to drop in a KL-ZE… only, I can't bloody source one for Adam.

    Any of you guys know where I might in the south of England? I'm about this close to coughing up for the shipping from Canada.

  • Ask for Ian at Nippon Spares, tell him you have an MX3 and say you know Tom, He had KL31's in last time, He also knows it as a KLZE for Mazda MX3.

    Nippon Spares - TEL: 0800 031 9937

    Id source ECU on the net, thats how i got all my stuff over a year ago now :D

    The KL-ZE Swap is easy but its also good to get a new uprated clutch whilst your in there, cambelt, plugs, UD pulley whilst you have the engine out, uprated engine mounts, and anything else you can think of.

    You need to budget for at least £650 for the engine, a total of £1000 for engine and parts should be ok, and at least £400 to cover fitting and Oil/Cambelt/Plugs etc…...

  • Awesome mate, cheers, I'll give him a bell now.


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