I need shocks

  • Gang, i need some shocks for my MX3…
    i want to get it lowered so ill need some lower-ready shocks. I heard about some ZX2 shocks... Does any shop in the UK sends shocks to Portugal ?????? :roll:

  • zx2 is american so you'll have to look over there they would need modding to fit too as well as some other parts. You can get KYB gas filled ones here from fordprobestrore.co.uk, they are fine with lower springs (from reading on the site, hes pretty good though so id trust the KYBs unless somebody has some big complaints about them) I think around £250 a pair. other than that there are these:

    Im geussing there are others but these are all ive seen over here. however if you look in USA you'l find a few more like tokico and i think koni do some inserts but you have to cut the shocks up to fit them (i'd steer clear of them unless you are very confident).


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