New 92' V6 MX-3 owner

  • Hi
    I just bought a 1992 V6 mx-3 for 450€. The body is in good condition considering it's age. I even got the original maintenance and manual for it. Seems it was in Switzerland from 1992-2007, after that it seems to have been a hobby car for 1 owner in Estonia - rarely driven. I got it as a hobby/sunday car, since I don't need a daily driver and the price was so cheap.
    Before this one I had a '97 Toyota Celica GT (S3GE 125kw engine) - loved the car but it started to rust a lot and would have required money to be put to keep it going. Also found a buyer who paid for it more than I did originally.
    I have also driven and taken care for a 1997 1.6L MX-3 - loved the car in corners but the acceleration was seriously lacking - that is why i even decided to get the V6, I know it handles great, but the 4 banger lacked power - and I dont have it anymore since it never was mine.

    The good:
    The belts have been changed 20k ago
    Seems the oil changes have been regular.
    Almost no rust. (Front of hood and left rear wheel arch.)

    The bad:
    Radio not working - that I can fix myself, probably lose wire somewhere. Radio powers on and seem to work but no sound is coming - previous owner said it just stopped working one day.
    Gas leak - the iron tube from the rear/gas tank that goes below the car is leaking, should get it fixed today.
    Horrid exhaust sounds (1500-3000 rpm) - Above 3000 it is really nice and sweet but worried my fillings will drop out, the vibration in the cabin is real bad and it is the exhaust for sure. Had the car lifted and it does have a CAT but after that there is a straight pipe(no resonator) to a muffler that seems to be dead...will have that fixed after the gas leak is fixed.
    Central locking - does it even have factory central lock? When locking/unlocking drivers door the passenger door does nothing. It does not have any aftermarket alarm or something.
    The air intake is taped from many many places - concidering the engine should have VRIS then I would like to stick with the stock intake.

    Will post pictures soon - Ill probably let it sit until spring - I dont have a garage so fixing stuff in the cold is not viable xD

  • after inspecting the car on a lift throughly it's clear that this car would need immense work done to the rear-bottom in order to keep it road worthy. There is a lot of rust in some key looks so good from outside....what a pitty!
    Will fix the gas leak with some temporary solution and drive this thing until the next government check....since it wont pass it. The engine is in tip-top shape though....unfortunate.

  • Found gas tank on e-bay for super cheap. Decided to make this a practice project. When spring comes Ill try to fix the rust and replace needed parts by myself. If I don't manage then I'll just scrap it.

    If someone else needs it, should be the right part:

  • Spring has come and gone so what is the latest?

  • @mardicas Hi Mardicas, Did you fix your car and get it on the road yet? Rax has proved a very helpful source of parts in the past. It would be great to see some photos. Cheers, Steve


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