Rear Perspex Window - Interested….

  • Right guys. This is a no BS thread. As i am having extensive work done to my MX3, the company has a contact that is a plastics specialist and is willing to make the MX3 window in Perspex. The window is heavy and from a performance point of view not good. I believe it is in the region of 20kg…....

    I am going to get one of these done, end of. I am also doing the side windows too.

    Whilst i am getting this done i was looking to see if there are any other guys who would be interested in doing this too. I am not doing this for profit, i simply wish to keep costs down and a batch may be cheaper individualy than a one off. I dont want any money, we will just call call the guy and place an order for ammount (x) I will drop off my window so postage will be all you need to arrange. I believe the cost to be in the region of 200-300quid. To me that is nothing and to some of you that is a months wages so please only say you ae interested if you will be liquid to purchase in around 6mths. Provided the first one is good quality, ie mine.

    I believe a Perspex window will weigh 1/4 that of glass. Downsides, will scratch much easier than glass. Criminals could pour petrol and melt your rear window. In Cornwall, these issues are not a problem.

    Food for thought.....Im going ahead regardless

  • thought it was diesel in cornwal!

  • I have a Diesel, the MX is in a Reputable Tuning Garage. No one wanted to buy it and i got fed up wasting my time telling people with no money about it so kept it and bought a lame 106 Diesel, Economy is amazing…..

  • hey tom, good to see your keeping her, but remember that you never see all the money back again ! downside of modified cars :D

    id be interested but id rather wait to see yours in person say japfest ? I love to keep the mx clean so only worry would be seeing swirl marks after a while.


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