I brought one i just had toget another

  • So i was bidding on random motors on ebay to try grab a bargain to sell on
    Then this ad ending soon came up advertised as nothing more than "car" woth a single image of 4 random cars as photo was from a distance
    Description starts first time everytime mot till aug no rust mazda mx3
    I didnt think mx3s existed so i bid thinking it was an mx5
    I drove 2hrs to get this car
    And here i am today the proud owner of 2 mazda mx3s 1.6l auto (1998 and 1997)
    Im now restoring them both to look as best they can. They drive like a dream for such an old car.
    One has 66k and rusty and the other is 131k no rust but windows dont work.
    Im selling my 2011 bmw 3 series to insure one as my everyday driver. Its such a fun little car to drive.

    So all in all
    I brought a car i didnt know existed
    Drove it 120 miles
    And 14 hours later i brought another one.

    The internet also says theyre pretty rare. But that goes by how many are on the road.
    How many are actually just sitting around waiting to be sold?

    Anyone reading this who does not yet own an mx3... Whats your excuse!


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