Central locking kaput

  • Half expected it for a while, the central locking has finally died. I have to lock and unlock both doors individually. I spoke to Nick Clulee in Sheffield, who reckons it's the microswitch.
    Finding parts is proving difficult, anybody got any recommendations for sites/people for these kinds of parts?

  • Same when i had mine locking was intermitant then packed up
    Mk2.5 mx5 exterior handles fit so i guess have same/similar lock/microswitches behind them
    Oh and if u fit the mx5 handles u can get them to light up when u unlock the car like the green light for the ignition, works well with central locking but check handles come with the wires as not all have it.
    With the age though id check over the door wiring loom first as the can get flooded out from jetwashing and rinsing the car, i quit washing mine then i bought new doors which had universal remote central locking fitted and all was solved and cheaper do all onto a remote then buy any mazda door lock part


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