Sticking tappet

  • Hi guys can anyone advise on the best way to unstick a tappet with dismantling the engine

  • admin

    Hi Mushman,

    First off I would try an engine flush additive in the oil, run the engine for 30-60 mins, once its cooled down, do a full oil change.

    Unfortunately, the best way to clean them out is to dismantle the engine.

    Which engine do you run?


  • Thanks for the info ,I am going to try the engine flush and oil change first ,it's only an intermittent problem ,I have the v6 engine

  • admin

    I'd give the engine flush a try first and see if it helps, with the v6 it's possible to take off the Cam covers, remove the cams and take out the HLA's then service them, but it's a fair bit of work.

    When I rebuilt my engine last year, I stripped the HLA's down, there were mixed reviews about whether this is a good idea or not, but it wasn't all that hard if your careful, they key is to make sure you soak and pump them with oil before putting them back.

    The reason they get sticky is old oil gums up inside them, then they stop compressing and pumping the oil through themselves, regular oil changes can reduce the problem.



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