Lowering onto 17s

  • i am thinking of lowering my mx3 by 45 mm with jamex spring but keeping my excisting shocks will this be okay and will the wheels rub the arches?? :roll:

  • I reckon itll seriously be on the edge of the shocks capabilities, def get some bumpstops if you do!

  • lowered mine 45mm on 18z
    itz all good
    got kyb's in there though

  • i dont really know too much about car modding as this is my first so.
    is it a good idea to be lowering this onto 17s using jamex springs and keeping the standard shocks.
    will there be anything else ill need to buy to make this work??

  • you might some new gaitors and bumpstops, have a look with a torch see how knackered they are.

    freedom you on H&Rs?

  • in all honesty mate
    if its all you can afford then the standas will hol up fine…........for a while
    eventually then consider flogging those springs on ebay an going for something like marco
    or uprating your shocks to kyb items an keeping your springs
    if you can affor something like marcos, get it it will pay in the long run
    the only reason i opte to o what i did was because my car came when i brought it fitted with four brand new kyb shockers
    wheras its cheaper to get the bilstien than to go the way i did
    i can not comment though on which gives better handling

  • so the springs should hold out fine.
    the car has just been serviced its only done 45000 miles on a k so the bumbstops and gaitors should be alright.
    what is the price fo the shocks.

  • hmm well not much mileage might be alright with stock, bilsteins x 4 probably £200

  • a while back i was looking at a complete set up. found them on deamon tweeks. sure its was a blistein package also


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