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    Hi all,

    Firstly, I just wanted to apologize for a recent series of issues with the site and forums, some of this was our fault (upgrades and a database error) and some was down to the shared content system the forum technology uses. As you can see (I hope!) everything is now working correctly.

    I had some comments about finding the forums was difficult, as a result of this I have made a minor but hopefully useful change to the menu so it actually says 'Forums' next to the menu icon, this did get me thinking about how else I could improve the menus and the general homepage view of the site, I would like to create a How To Guide section which is separate from the main forum, we had something similar on the old site but that's all a little outdated now, so I am looking for submissions for guides, please comment on this post if you would like to write one.

    Next, the forum traffic has been pretty good lately, lots of people browsing content and a few new members, however this is meant to be a community and in order to stay alive we need people to contribute to the forums to keep the posts relevant and so when new people arrive they don't think the place is closed as the last post was ages ago. I have noticed an increased level of conversation on the Facebook page 'UK-MX3.com', this isn't actually run by this site so none of the content is linked, I'm working on how we can do that but some of those posts and questions would benefit everyone if they were on here too!

    I'm keen to take suggestions on improvements too, most things are possible however they do need to be within the constraints of the forum technology we use now.

    Running a site like this takes time and costs a little bit to maintain the various elements, server hosting, domain registration, SSL certification etc, I pay for this out of my own pocket to keep the site running so that you can use this for free, at some point if usage doesn't improve I may have to consider closing it down, I really don't want to do that!

    Please help me keep this community dedicated to our great little cars alive! 👍


  • @jono👍Facebook is unfortunately destroying forums, which is a shame as FB is pretty awful for finding out info.

  • Can't you ask current members for a small contribution to keep site open. I would be happy to put in something how about others?

  • admin

    Hi Les,

    I'm happy to continue to fund the site however given the really low number of posts it doesn't really add up, what we really need is the facebook guys to start posting here too.



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